Why We
Through Our Systematic problem solving approach, we are able to offer a complete design and build service providing innovative, cost effective solutions to many of today's construction related challenges. We would desire to build an environment in construction industry with transparency and fulfillment of commitments; whereby people can fearlessly approach and get their work done. Not only that we shall remain honest and committed to our clients, associates, and suppliers and to everybody who comes in contact with us in business directly or indirectly. We will strongly strive to bring clear understanding to everything we do; so that others will believe and applaud us for our ability to meet commitments successfully in our field.
Commitment to Quality
"Quality" is one of the core values ingrained in the philosophy of Bhagwati Construction. Cascading down from the top management, a "no compromise" approach on quality has won us many a contracts from our principals internationally. A testimony of which are the various recommendation letters, referrals and repeat business awarded to us by our employers.
Cost Consciousness
Bhagwati Construction is a cost conscious organization and understands fully the implications of cost overruns on account of delayed projects. It is, hence, our endeavor to use cost conscious measures, both in construction and non construction areas of our management. Our engineers and project managers are adept in optimization of men, material and machine resources of our clients in all the projects.
Delivery on Schedule
Time being a critical factor in the construction industry, is another core value of Bhagwati construction. Backed by vast experience and thorough understanding of the construction activity, our engineers plan the projects to the minutest details, meeting all the specifications of the client. Execution of such plans is supported by an equally skilled work force for completion of the project before the scheduled time. We have a record of completing all the projects within the stipulated time frame.
Sophisticated Construction Techniques
Bhagwati Construction has over the last 5 years consistently poured, on an average, 10000 cum reinforced concrete per month, in Superstructures. It involves Form Work and Steel Work; this in itself is a landmark achievement. By continuous on-site and off-site training and continuous interaction with international players in the field of construction, our engineers and workers have gained expertise in modern construction techniques, which sufficiently substantiates the above claim.